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With an exquisite heart design, the ebony cover of this handcrafted journal is beautifully etched with an intricate Celtic Knot pattern and made from only the thickest and strongest genuine leather. 100% wood free and handmade from recycled material, the book contains 60 leaves (120 pages front and back) that are divided into three sections for organization. The genuine leather tie string can be used to tie the journal closed when not in use or be employed as a bookmark. The book of the heart is a quintessentially medieval trope as a persons heart was thought to be like a book that contains thoughts, feelings and memories. In a romance, the hearts of two lovers were often thought to be open to each other and able to be read like books and pious people prayed to Christ, asking him to write divine commandments and revelations on the pages of their hearts. Medieval poets also considered the heart to be a symbol of desire. In fact, expressions like a stolen heart, a broken heart, or a wounded heart, as well as the phrase to give ones heart were penned by poets in the Middle Ages while period artists gave the heart its now-familiar artistic form as a symmetrical red emblem.


Size: 4 x 3.2 Inches (10 x 8 cm)
Paper: Soft 100 g/m2, Ivory Color, 120 Pages (counted both sides)
Weight: 70 gm


Genuine Leather Covers
100% Wood Free
Soft Ivory Colored Paper
240 Pages of 100G/M2
Embedded Heart Emblem

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