Fantasy Daggers

Fantasy daggers are a far cry from your typical daggers, distinctive, and unique pieces that would make a great showpiece, as well as look extraordinary, fastened to a warrior’s side. Fantasy daggers are forged as seen in movies, video games, and other fictional works. These replications of fantasy daggers have a stunning appearance, just as they were originally assembled. Fantasy daggers have their lethal looks, provoking its’ carrier to show off by wearing. Many of the fantasy swords range from dragon blades to hand claws and neck knives; all quite impressive. Fantasy daggers have more to offer, as there are some that are highly functional and fall into the category because of their distinctiveness. Well-known daggers from Van Helsing to Nightstalker, are all a must have to delve in the fantasy world.

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Damascus Steel Dagger with Koftgari Silverwork


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Rising Empire Damascus Dagger with Onyx Sheath


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Assassin Creed Sword Breaker Dagger


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