Devils Glare Fantasy Knife Dagger


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If you gaze long into the eyes of this blade, this blade will gaze back into you. The cold, piercing eyes of the Devil's Glare, for sale now, will cast fear and doubt into the hearts of all those who stand in its way. This is the kind of rare dagger that will inspire nightmares from others just for daring to look at it. Of course, the demon's heartless stare isn't the only great part about this dagger. The unique blade, with two strips of metal joining to create a sharp point, is something you probably haven't seen before. This is a brilliant blade from an unholy place, and one that absolutely needs to be in your fantasy sword collection. It'll give your collection a spark you won't believe. Check out the Devil's Glare now (but don't stare for too long)! The Devil's Glare is 17 inch long, with a mirror polish silver blade that comes to a pinpoint at the very end. It's a blade as piercing as the cold, dead blue eyes of the devil on the silver cast metal guard. The sleek, silver handle is stylish and comfortable to grip, and leads into a dull silver spike at the pommel. This is one dagger you certainly won't forget; it's without doubt a must-have. The blade also comes with a black durable faux leather sheath for easy transport and includes a belt loop. If you want to let viewers of your blade collection know that you've got the best knives around, and that there is no point in argument, just let the eyes of this knife stare into them for a while. It'll get the job done. Don't miss the death stare; buy yourself the Devil's Glare today!


Overall Length: 17.25 Inches
Blade Length: 10.25 Inches
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Mirror Polish
Handle Length: 6.75 Inches
Handle Material: Cast Metal, Blue Stone Eyes
Includes: Free Black Faux Sheath, Belt Loop


440 Stainless Steel Blade
Cast Metal Handle
Blue Stone Eyes
Black Faux Sheath w/ Belt Loop

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