Knights Templar Crusader Leather Helmet Medieval Armor


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The leather Knight's Helmet was designed in a Medieval Knight's training. Constructed of thick leather, they weren't quite as heavy as combat steel helmets but offered the protection needed during training exercises. This Leather Knights Helmet is well decorated with brown leather cross stitched with gold treading. The top half is stitched and riveted down making this helmet extra strong. The mouth piece sports air holes so air can flow freely through it. Constructed of thick leather these classic helmets are wearable especially with the soft arming helmet cap sold separately. Inside the Knights Templar Crusaders Leather Helmet is a soft leather liner. The liner comfortably suspends the helmet so it can fit comfortably and be used functionally and can be adjusted. It is important for the helmet to be secured with a leather strap. This one is fully adjustable and made of thick, soft leather. Showcase this piece, or wear it for cosplay, and for the occasional mock battle. Fits adults. Our Medieval high quality helmets are hand crafted in the old world style.


Exterior Length (Front): 12.5 inch
Exterior Length (Back): 9.25 inch
Exterior Width: 10 inch
Helmet Material: All Genuine Leather, Black and Brown
Fits Most Adult Head
Includes: Adjustable Strap and Inner Leather Liner


Genuine Leather
Fits Most Adults
Inner Leather Liner
Adjustable Chin Strap

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