In history, chainmail is seen as the oldest and the most productive armor. Other than in medieval Europe, chainmail made its way to many other cultures. Each piece of the chainmail armor is made to fit the needs of the wearer. No assembling is required for wearing a chainmail. There are a number of different pieces in the chainmail armor like chainmail shirt, coif, hauberks, and the gauntlets. The chainmail armor comes in mild steel to high tensile steel. For an authentic look, chainmail armor goes very well with the steel armor. Lightweight chainmail makes a great costume piece. Knights, warriors, swordsmen, and mercenaries of all ages would feel great with their historical look, as well as get the proper protection and style.

European Flat Ring Rivet Chain Mail Hauberk Black
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European Flat Ring Rivet Chain Mail Hauberk Black


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Medieval Holy Land and Defender Chainmail Gauntlets with Plates


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Padded 16g Functional Chainmail Battle Mittens


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