Medieval Peasant Padded Leggings - Ecru

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Carefully crafted from soft Canvas and padded with three layers of wool felt, these Medieval Ecru Peasant Padded Leggings provide excellent protection to the legs when plate and/or mail armor is not readily available. Lined with cotton to add life to the garment, these leggings are designed to give full comfort and protection for the legs. Able to be suspended with the help of a belt, slits at the lower end make these garments easy to be worn and taken off. While knights and men-at-arms could be expected to afford the luxury of steel armor (either plated or mail) oftentimes members of the peasantry were called upon for military service without such equipment being readily available. In these situations, the highest ranking members of the peasantry (not quite nobility but nevertheless free men of standing- middle to upper middle class in modern parlance) made sure to have available what armor they could afford and heavy cotton padding often did a more than admirable job. While no substitute for full armor, these leggings are ideal for those who dont necessarily need full armor.


100% Cotton
Heavily Padded
Fits Most
Belt Straps & Steel Fittings
Helps Reduce Risk of Injury in Gambeson Related Activity


Materials: Soft Canvas, Leather belt straps, Steel fittings
Color: Ecru
Approximate Weight: 3 Lbs
Length: 33 Inches
Width: 11 Inches
Standard size leggings fit almost all
Dry cleaning is recommended

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