Watcher of Sin Spring Assist Knife Pride

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This Watcher needs no interdiction. We all know Lucifer the “Shining One�, the “Morning Star�. Now he is widely known as the Devil. Unfortunately, pride overtook his heart, and sin cost him everything. Lucifer is one of three archangels mentioned in Scripture that fell from grace. Cast down like a bolt of lightning and stripped of his beauty, wisdom, and perfection. As an act against God, Lucifer projected his essence into the Garden of Eden, where it took the form of a serpent. In this form, he tricked the First Woman, Eve, into eating the Forbidden Fruit of knowledge, stripping the human race of innocence by granting them the knowledge of good and evil. From then on, every human was instilled with the nature to live sinfully, sentencing them to fall to Hell upon death; the price of sin is spiritual damnation. Are we all damned then? We will have to just wait and see. Just as Lucifer waits, he can be patient why he chooses. This knife of PRIDE is constructed of steel with a black finish. For added flair the blade has claw marks of pride and this sin marks your very soul. The drop point blade has a partial serration with a thumb hole for flawless quick opening. Instead of the thumb hole maybe you prefer a flicker…well this knife is equipped with one of those too. The handle is aluminum with a steel frame and liner locking mechanism. The design is the Watcher opening the pit of hell to welcome you in. Included to wear this amazing knife on your person is a steel belt clip. Pride can be a good thing but too much of it can destroy you.



Overall Length: 7.75 Inches
Blade Length: 3.25 Inches
Blade: Steel, Black Finish, Claw Mark Decal
Handle Length: 4.50 Inches
Handle: Aluminum, Steel Frame
Design: Pride

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