Neighborhood Watch Multifunction Dimming Light Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun w/ Glass Breaker

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Protect yourself and feel safe wherever you go with this 2-in-1 tactical flashlight & stun gun! This functional flashlight features a whopping 10,000K Volts of electricity in one convenient little package. Push up the switch located on the side of the handle upward once to operate the brilliant LED flashlight. Turning the light off and back on will cycle the low light and strobe light option. Push the switch all the way up and that is where the fun really begins. When the switch is in position, you can press the button opposite of the switch to unload a bolt of electricity into your assailant. Just the crackling sound this menacing tool creates is enough to send any smart person running for the hills! If that isn’t enough, this hefty flashlight can also be swung for a blunt force weapon, and a convenient glass breaker on the end of the handle is perfect for emergency situations. Not only is a standard wall charger included, you will also receive a FREE car charger with your purchase so you can charge this bad boy anywhere at any time.


Overall Length: 9.25 inches
Overall Width: 1.75 inches
Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
10,000K Volts
Direct Current


Ultrahigh Voltage (10,000K Volts)
Tactical Aluminum Construction
LED Flashlight w/ Dimmer & Strobe Modes
Built in Glass Breaker
Lanyard Attachment
Wall & Car Charger Included
Instruction Manual Included

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