The long, narrow, rigid and almost edgeless, single-hand thrusting blade, having a tapered cross-section and narrow, sharp point, best for unarmored combat. Truly a beauty in terms of swords. In the 16th and 17th century, rapiers were the most popular weapon sought out. Rapiers are considered great for self-defense, for civilians rapiers are designed shorter and lighter whereas for the military rapiers are designed as colichemarde and small swords. With the passage of time, rapiers' style has evolved depending on the country. Rapiers, fencing swords, and dueling swords make a great collector's item and battle-ready rapiers are suitable for reenacting rapier duels. Battle ready rapiers need to be balanced and flexible like the originals, which are offered at SwordsSwords. Making the right choice is the key with rapier swords.