Stick Em Up Automatic Pistol Switchblade Knife with Belt Holster Sheath

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The Stick Em Up Automatic Knife is made into the shape of a pistol, and a pretty convincing one at that. The slide of the faux gun handle is made from sturdy aluminum and has a double wall construction for added durability. As a fun surprise, tucked inside the framing is a functional flashlight! By pushing the button at the beginning of the barrel, the 4-inch straight back blade swings out and locks into place to extend the barrel. The blade is made from stainless steel and features ridges along the spine and a cutout for weight reduction to allow effortless deployment. A switch at the end of the barrel is a locking feature so no need to worry about misfiring. Wooden mounts simulate the grip of the gun handle, and if you have small fingers, you may be able to slide your finger on the faux trigger for added fun. This knife is definitely a conversation starter, and comes complete with a black nylon belt pouch so you can take it anywhere you want. Just don’t be surprised when it is mistaken for a real firearm!

Please note: Batteries are sealed and will need to be opened in order for flashlight to function. Unscrew the top of the flashlight and remove the batteries. Take off the plastic covering and replace. Screw the top back on all the way and the flashlight should turn on. Gently unscrew slightly to turn the flashlight off. Batteries are a free gift included with purchase and are not guaranteed to work.


Overall Length (Blade Extended): 8.75 In
Overall Width: 3 in
Blade Length: 4 In
Blade Width: .875 In
Blade Construction: Stainless Steel
Handle Construction: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wood
Handle Length: 4.75 In


Functional Novelty
Automatic Switchblade
Built-In Flashlight
Stainless Steel Blade, Straight Back
Aluminum, Steel & Wood Handle
Double Wall Construction
Includes: Black Nylon Belt Holster
Great Collector’s Piece

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