Ninja Swords

The Shinobi of feudal Japan preferably used the Ninja Swords, also known as the ninjato. Ninja swords are quite different from the Samurai swords. Unlike the Samurai sword, Ninjato is short swords with straight blades. Forged from steel or iron, the ninja swords were of poorer quality but fulfilled their use of stabbing, as they originated from the era of stealth, they needed to be wielded with precision; whereas, Samurai swords were used for slashing and cutting. Moreover, ninja swords are now forged from stainless steel, which makes them a great collectible because of their history. Ninjato is also believed to be a spur of wakizashi and chokuto swords. Ninja swords replicas are found in collections or in LARPing where ninja movies are reenacted.