Alpha Omega Heavy Duty Damascus Steel Automatic OTF Trench Style Knuckle Knife

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Can’t decide between a nice new pair of knuckles or a trusty out the front knife? Well, why not have both in one? This incredible automatic knife gives you the best of both worlds in one convenient package! The blade is made from Damascus steel, and the gorgeous wave pattern is brought out even further by the titanium rainbow finish. Due to the zinc alloy construction of the handle, this knife is both sturdy and lightweight. A carbon fiber inlay on the handle adds to this knifes appeal. Slip your fingers through the large finger holes for a menacing pair of knuckles, or use the switch on the side of the handle to deploy the sharp dagger point style blade! Either way, your enemies are sure to start running for the door! Included with your purchase is a durable nylon quick release sheath so you can take this bad boy wherever you go.


Overall Length: 10 inches
Blade Length: 4 inches
Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
Taper: 1.1 mm
Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Layers: 176-180
HRC: 54-56
Steel: 1095/15N20
Handle Length: 6 inches Width: 3 inches


Out the Front
Trench Style Knuckle Handle
Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Spear Point Style; Double-Edged
Titanium Rainbow Finish
Handle Material: Zinc Aluminum; Carbon Fiber Inlay
Nylon Sheath Included

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