Ame no Habakiri High Carbon Steel Pirate Anime Replica Meito Katana Sword

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Ame no Habakiri is one of the 21 Great Grade Swords, which means it is one of the finest swords in the entirety of the One Piece anime series. This katana sword, wielded by the Wano Country Shogun Kozuki Momonosuke, is known as the “heaven” counterpart to the sword Enma (the name literally translates to “Feathery Cutter of Heaven”). In the series, this sword alongside Enma was the sole weapon able to inflict an enormous wound on Kaidou, who is said to be the world’s strongest creature, in his dragon form. This gave Kaidou his one and only scar.

This replica Ame no Habakiri katana sword is composed of high carbon steel and features a black finish along the spine of the blade, accented by a polished steel and striking red hamon that resembles a roaring flame. The handle is made from sturdy wood and is wrapped with white rayon cord. Zinc Alloy is used to create the gold-colored hardware that accents the handle. Its tsuba is gold and shaped in a trefoil design. A steel habaki separates the blade from the handle. Included with your purchase is a matching hard wood scabbard that is coated in a white lacquer finish with gold floral detailing that perfectly match the sword in the anime series. White tassel accessories hang elegantly from the white rayon wrapping around the scabbard.


Overall Length: 38 Inches
Blade Length: 25.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4 mm
Blade Construction: Carbon Steel
Handle Construction: Wood
Handle Length: 10.75 Inches


Carbon Steel Blade
Anime Replica
Aluminum Accessories
Wood Handle
Wooden Scabbard Included

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