Armory Replicas ™ The Cursed Black Knight Functional Medieval Armor Gauntlets

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Hands are an easy target during combat or practice and that’s why proper gauntlets are the perfect companion for any fighter. These 16-gauge steel battle-ready gauntlets will keep your hands safe during your duels or battles and might save your fingers more than once. The steel has a blackened iron finish and is accented nicely with pure brass riveting on the fingers, around the knuckles and scalloped around the cuff. Black suede gloves within the authentic leather lining to protect the hands from the steel while also providing comfort. The minute you will try them you will immediately see for yourself that these gauntlets are comfortable and can accommodate even large fighter hands without any problem. The open cuff concept lets the wearer have full-range motion of their wrists. They can be purchased alone or as a part of our deadly beautiful “The Cursed Black Knight” armor set.


Overall Length: Approximately 13 inches
Coverage: Fingers, Hands, Wrist


Material: 16 Gauge Steel, Suede, Leather
Black Iron Finish
Pure Brass Riveting
Red Leather Lining
Black Suede Gloves
Part of the “The Cursed Black Knight” Armor Set

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