Automatic Fall From Grace Stiletto Knife

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Stiletto knives have been around since the 1400s yet they became legendary when “Westside Story” hit the big screen. After that the fame of stilettos rose tremendously and still to this day they are extremely popular. The modern stiletto comes in an array of colors and styles. Not only do they appeal to men but a large population of women carries them. This beautiful knife comes with a bayonet style blade that is edged on one side. There is a nail notch and two different types of fullers. The titanium finish makes the blade pop especially when paired with the brown handle. Stainless steel was used to construct the blade so rusting will not be an issue. Steel was used in the design of the bolsters and frame. The handle is made from wood and stained to protect the material. The push button release deploys the blade with smooth perfection. Included is a nylon sheath and a safety lock is featured on the front.

Overall Length: 9.62 Inches
Blade Length: 4.13 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel with Titanium Finish
Blade Style: Bayonet
Blade Thickness: 2.9mm
Handle Length: 5.49 Inches
Handle Material: Wood with Stained Finish


Stainless Steel Blade
Wood Handle
Free Nylon Case w/ Belt Loop

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