Battle of Tewkesbury Medieval Sword Frog Set

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Last battle in the Wars of the Roses, between the Houses of Lancaster and York at Tewkesbury, resulted in the imprisonment of Margaret of Anjou, and the down fall of the Lancastrians. Many of valiant knights carried blades just like this one but minus the sturdy polyurethane foam construction. This style of longsword was great for thrusting and slicing making it very popular during that time period. The handle features a medallion golden pommel that matches the curved sloping guard. This Medieval reproduction has a very strong 10mm inner core so that this blade can be used for mock battles, costumes, and light play. Complete your knightly armor with the Hand and A Half Medieval Tewkesbury Foam Sword before you head off into battle. This Exquisite Universal Studded Black Sword Frog is great because it is so universal. It works with foam swords, light weight broadswords, and katanas. You can also carry wooden swords, and axes. This frog is constructed entirely out of polyurethane with steel studs. Two adjustable belt loops allows you to adjust the height that you would like the frog to hang at. Not only is it stylish but functional. This universal piece can accent medieval dress, modern style, and many diverse costumes.

Overall Length: 34.50 Inches
Overall Width: 9.25 Inches
Handle Length: 7.13 Inches
Handle Thickness: .75 Inches
Blade Length: 27.13 Inches
Blade Thickness: .38 Inches
Material: Polyurethane Foam
Inner Core: 10mm


Hand Painted
Polyurethane Foam Medieval Design

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