Maintenance Tips for Double Action OTF Knives

Maintenance Tips for Double Action OTF Knives

Posted by SwordsSwords on May 9th 2023

Maintaining your double action otf knives is crucial for maximizing its functionality. Considering the fact that these knives come in various shapes and sizes, we are providing cleanliness and maintenance tips that go well with most of them. One thing we must tell you, don’t take it as a concern because this can be actually easy and fun. Here you go:

How frequently should I sharpen the double action OTF knives?

How often you need to sharpen your knife primarily depends on how frequently you use it. We suggest you sharpen your blade once a week and it will keep functioning at its highest cutting capacity. Keep in mind, a dull knife is a dangerous one.

How often should I clean my OTF knife?

Cleaning the blade after use is essential for the proper functioning. For this purpose, you need to lightly rinse the blade with tap water and clean residues that might be present on it after cutting. Dry the blade and make sure there is no water left. Once done, deploy and redeploy your blade. Also, you can use some amount of gun oil to the blade for polishing. However, do not put any gun oil or other liquid directly into the handle of your double action OTF knife. We suggest you to use a damp towel to clean the handle. Let’s go through the following steps that we have performed for the Gorgeous Nightmare Dual Action Out The Front Knife.

Discharge your knife

Before opening your knife, it’s essential to discharge it by simply firing it a close range. You may choose an old tree or a piece of paper for this purpose. The blade will release from its mechanism and slide freely in and out of the handle. If you have accurately discharged the knife, the trigger will neither eject nor retract the blade.

Prepare your Tools

To clean your OTF as required, you need to have a few items. For instance, you will require a 2 mm metric or 5/64th average bit. Also, you will want to have a light emollient and a rag.

Open your Knife

Now use your desired bit to unscrew the six screws that hold the handle together.

Remove the inside components

Once you have removed the screw, it’s the right time to disassemble your knife and separate the individual components. The major constituents include a slider, spring and the blade.

Clean all parts

You will find many lubricants on the market for cleaning purposes. Though we recommend you to choose a light emollient. Usually, the thick lubricants restrict the blade path and affect its functional mechanism for a certain period. If you ever come across such a situation, we suggest you to re-clean all parts and either uses a different type of emollient or no lubricant at all.

Reassemble and enjoy your OTF

Since you have cleaned your knife, you are free to go. Head towards your hunting expeditions, cut cheese, protect yourself and do whatever you want with your favorite double action OTF knives. All we have to say is do it safely and in good health.


We hope this blog post has given you some useful information for cleanliness and maintenance of your OTF. Though if you have any other tips that can benefit the users, we would like to hear from you. Also, if you are looking forward to some of these incredible knives, you can visit