The Comprehensive Outdoor Gear List

Survival / Outdoor Gear

Once you start hoarding the outdoor gear, what you are missing from the list becomes hard to decipher. Hence, here is a list of different types of outdoor gear that you might require for varying situations.

There is no doubt that each and every survivalist and his needs are different; therefore, there are no outdoor gear bundles that will be the same as the other. There are people who would avoid getting battery or electricity dependent gear, and there might be some who would like to take the hyper-minimalist route. But there is no need to feel pressurized, as there is no need to add something to your survival gear that you know you won’t be using.

For your convenience, the lists given below are categorized, to make browsing much easier.

  1. Tool List in Survival Gear

In this section, the must-have survival gear equipment has been mentioned. If you have the proper tools you will be able to get by in the wilderness. Good survival tools are helpful in gathering wood, cooking or even fixing something. Hence, the tools being the first thing you need.


– Pocket Knife (i.e. Trapper Slipjoint Pocket Knife)

– Survival Fixed Blade Knife (i.e.Wilderness Survival Wooden Fixed Blade Camping Knife )

– Survival Machete (i.e. Pathfinder Full Tang Coping Machete)


– Flashlight (i.e. Nightfire CREE LED Rechargeable Flashlight)

– Lantern

– Emergency Candles

Bags or Packs

– EDC bag

– Hiking backpack

– Bug out bag

Other Tools

– Axe (i.e. Undefined Wooden Camping Outdoor Hatchet)

– Saw

– Knife Sharpener

– Nails

– Scissors

– Pliers

– Duct tape

– Hammer

  1. Firecraft Survival Gear List

In many survival situations getting a fire started is quite important. Though not everything mentioned in the list is required to get the fire going, having one or two items with you might come in handy.

Fire Making

– Light and Lighter Fluid

– Fire Starter (i.e. Wilderness Magnesium Flint Fire Strike Starter)

– Waterproof Matches

– Magnifying Glass

– Tinder

  1. Hydration Survival Gear List

While preparing for an emergency, you will need ways to collect and purify the water for drinking. The list below is just for that.

Collection and Storage

– Water Collection Tank

– Water Bottle

– Canteen

– Water Bag


– Bleach

– Water Filter

– Water Purification Tablets

  1. Shelter Outdoor Gear List

In the wilderness, it is very likely that you will have to build your own shelter. Hence, for that, you will require the proper gear.


– Tent

– Tarp

– Bivy Sack

– Survival Hammock

  1. Security Outdoor Gear List

Out in the wild, you never know you might have to defend yourself against something or someone. There are many ways in which you can handle such a situation. Hence, having some firearm at hand might be useful.

Self-Defense Weapons

– Bear Spray

– Pepper Spray (if permissible)

– Tactical Flashlight

– Firearm (if permissible) (i.e. Zap High Voltage Stick Stun Gun 600,000 Volts)

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