Top 5 Peculiar Mother’s Day Presents under $10

Posted by SwordsSwords on Apr 29th 2020

It is often said that the best presents come straight from the heart. No price tag can diminish the value of a gift given with feelings. However, one still needs to consider the budgetary concerns before buying a gift. Mother’s Day is almost here. All of us strive to do our best on this day to make our mothers feel loved and cherished. While our moms insist that they don’t require gifts, it is up to us to find the perfect souvenir. A suitable gift in these trying times of COVID-19 is necessary to lift the spirits and make the household feel connected. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic also means that the budget is tighter than usual. We all need to save for necessities and unforeseen emergencies. In this situation, buying a gift has to be a financially smart decision that also resonates with the choices of the recipient.  Additionally, the avenues of procuring presents are also limited. Stores are closed, malls are shut down, and travel for only essential business is permitted. The only viable option is online purchase and home delivery. Now the real challenge of picking affordable online gifts must be tackled. Here are a few ideas that might aid you in your quest:

1.Journal of Good Thoughts

This is the best gift possible for the mums with an artistic thought process and an avid interest in literary pursuits. Get the best-recycled paper journal with 100% waste-free materials and a minimal carbon footprint. This journal is not just a gift for your mother, it is a present for Mother Earth as well. The compact journal can be carried easily while traveling. The sturdy covering and leather strings enclosure make it pretty much invincible to the weather conditions. You can also get the joy of advanced organization with three distinct sections of the diary. This gift is a no-brainer winner for this Mother’s Day. Get it now for $6.99!

2.Celtic Metallic Bracelet

Add a funky touch to your Mother’s Day celebrations with a tribute to the Celts.  Metallic bracelets are quintessential throwbacks to the 80s and 90s eras. The silver and black bracelet will not only be a beautiful memento of that period but also a great accessory for chic outfits. You can use this bracelet with formal and casual dresses. The metal is polished and protected against moisture and dirt. This affordable piece of jewelry is also useful as a décor piece or a bookmark. Expand your creativity and get this exquisite ornament at a price of merely $4.99.

3.Executive Letter Opener

Combine whimsy, elegance, and practicality in this sleek instrument from SwordsSwords. The executive letter opener is a two-in-one present. It is a trustworthy ballpoint pen that will serve your mum for many years to come. The latest nib technology ensures a constant flow of ink without any drying out. The hidden feature of the pen is a piercing, short blade which can work as a letter opener. The steel in the blade is razor-sharp and extremely sturdy. In hostile situations, the letter opener is a perfect personal defense weapon. Spend only $6.99 to get this beauty at your disposal. There can be no other practical gift like this for your mom.

4.Mini Precision Scale

You might be wondering about the exact usage and practicality of this mini 100g scale. After all, what can it be possibly good for? Your mom will not be wondering the same thing. This mini precision scale is a wizard in the kitchen. Whether the menu is for baking or gourmet meals, your mum can weight all the ingredients with this handy gadget. It is also super easy to clean and recharge. The bright LCD screen on the scale features a blue backlight for increased readability. The maximum capacity of the scale is up to 100g. There are four different weighing modes (G, OZ, CT, GN) included in the machine. It also comes fully equipped with a high capacity Tare function. In only $6.64, your mum’s kitchen can be the most advanced room in the house!

5.Gothic Cross Necklace

If your mum has an interest in religion and spirituality, then go with this necklace. The fishbone patterns on the cross-shaped pendant add a modern touch to the somber religious overtones. The lead–free pewter and the waxed necklace chain carry a gorgeous stone embedded in the center of the pendant. Spend only $5.99 to gain the best present for your mum this Mother’s Day.