Bokken Carrying Case Golden Era Sparring Set

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Bokkens can both build strength and develop dexterity for practitioners wanting to fine-tune their sword techniques. Due to its similarity with the curved-bladed katana, a sword designed for cutting and slashing techniques, the primary attacks used in bokken training involve cutting with the wooden “blade.” Practice strikes and blocks with this fearsome piece. This unbelievable bokken is constructed from a solid piece of wood and stained with an elegant red finish. To pop against the red we have added a spun gold design to accentuate the piece rather nicely. A black nylon handle wrap is provided as well as an ABS guard and securing ring. Included is a carrying case. This short case is made very durable from a tough nylon construction with a hard inner lining which helps the sword stay in place. Stitched onto the nylon case is a cross chest strap which goes onto your back. Either you hold it on your shoulder or strap it across onto your back. This Nylon Mini Size Sword Carrying Case can hold a regular size Japanese Katana sword, wooden bokkens, Shinai bamboo swords, and foam cosplay swords.

Overall Length: 40.25 Inches
Blade Length: 30.25 Inches
Construction: Wood
Blade Thickness: 22.68 mm
Handle: 9.50 Inches
Overall Length: 12.25 Inches
Material: Nylon
Includes: Adjustable Strap


Includes: ABS Handle Guard
Red Finish
Gold Paint Design
Black Nylon Wrap
FREE Nylon Sheath

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