Clip Point Creature Comforts Butterfly Balisong Knife Flipper

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Creature comforts are a necessity not for life but for happiness. They vary by individual and can be odd. The primary creature comfort of any outdoorsman is a knife. Any simple is a precautionary comfort. The Creature Comfort Butterfly Knife is a butterfly knife with aluminum handles that feature a length of wood along the handles. The dark, striated wood creates a mesmerizing contrast to the gleaming silver aluminum. The blade is in a clip point style constructed of stainless steel which is durable and won’t rust so the longevity of this knife is assured (or you can upgrade to a damascus steel blade!). The Creature Comforts Butterfly Knife comes equipped with a lock connected to the base of the left handle. Simply close the knife and slide the lock into the right handle and the knife will stay closed.


*For even more safety in storage and carry check out our butterfly knife sheaths! You can find them here:


Overall Length: 9 Inches
Blade Length: 4.75 Inches
Blade Width: 0.63 Inch
Blade Thickness: 5.05 mm
Handle Length: 4.75 Inches


Clip Point Blade, Wood Handles
Blade Style: Clip Point
Blade Construction: Stainless Steel
Handle Construction: Aluminum and Wood
Includes: 1 Butterfly Knife

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