Dark Repulser Elucidator Foam Sword Back Sheath Combo

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The Dark Repulser sword is designed to look like a pair of conjoined dagger blades that is aqua colored with the grip being a darker color than the rest of the blade. This sword was created for Kirito by Lisbeth out of Crystallite Ingot in a special quest while the Elucidator was a demonic monster drop from a boss on the 50th floor. Both swords are made from polyurethane foam with a 10mm inner core and is hand painted. Included is a sheath with back straps is constructed out of polyurethane. Two adjustable nylon straps allow you to adjust the height that you would like the swords to hang while adjusting for a good fit. Below the holsters is a connecting steel ring that holds an adjustable nylon belt loop to fit the adjustable polyurethane belt through to secure this sheath around the waist.

Elucidator Overall Length: 43 Inches
Elucidator Handle Length: 9.50 Inches
Elucidator Blade Length: 33.50 Inches
Elucidator Cross Guard Width: 8 Inches
Dark Repulser Overall Length: 42.50 Inches
Dark Repulser Overall Width: 9


High Density Polyurethane Foam
Polyurethane with Steel Studs, Nylon Straps
Two Adjustable Back Straps and Adjustable Belt
Set of Two Swords

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