Denali Mountain Wild Game Hunting 150 lbs Recurve Crossbow

SKU: 2C2-MK150A2
MSRP: $249.99
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This is the Deanali Mountain Wild Game Crossbow you would use to bring down the largest of targets. It is weighted to balance your shot for an accurate and forceful impact. It has a powerful draw weight of 150 lbs and can fire a ballistic at 210 feet per second. The prod is reinforced by a steel & aluminum alloy structure to allow repeated powerful shots. The hollow light weight fiberglass stock feels great in hand so you can rest assure it will provide the means necessary to overcome your target. The body and crossbow mechanism is constructed from aluminum alloy and will not bend or rust. This is a very consistent crossbow design with real outdoors use in mind. This Hunters150 lbs Crossbow features a durable slide for attaching a good sight to. The front sight is fully adjustable. This low maintenance crossbow includes all of the features and comforts you would expect. The foot stirrup makes it very easy to cock, and the 16" aluminum bolts fit just right. The included rear sight is adjustable and makes it easy to hit a target at any range. We also include the tool kit, and an arrows starter set.

Overall Length: 34 Inches
Width: 26 Inches
Draw Weight: 150 lbs
Feet/Second: 210
Powerstroke: 11 Inches
Arrow Type: 16 Inch, Aluminum Bolt
Includes: Foot Stirrup, Sight, Arrow Starter Set, Tool Kit


Shoots at 210 FPS
150lb Draw Weight
Foot Stirrup
Sight Slide
Arrow Starter Set
Auto Safety Cocking Mechanism
60 Yard Precision
Power Stroke: 11 Inches

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