European Flat Ring Rivet Chain Mail Hauberk Black

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This chain mail armor is built battle ready for all your reenactment needs. This Haubergeon covers the chest, back, arms, and the upper thigh, and its real world uses far outweigh its aesthetics. The flat ring rivet style is extremely durable, more-so than other chain mail types. Each mild steel ring is steel riveted for the most secure ring hold type. Sure, the standard chain mail ring type is acceptable, but the riveted ring is far superior on the battle field. This Flat Ring Rivet Haubergeon is forged and sourced from some of the best metalsmiths in the world. You can stab it, slash it, cut it, and fire an arrow at it and this riveted style of chain mail will maintain its battle strength. Popular uses of this armor is to wear it underneath steel plated armor because this armor covers everything, including the joints. During the middle ages, chain mail was worn only by the wealthy because it is so valuable. Over 17 lbs of mild steel protects the vitals of the upper body. The body width is about 24.5 inches flat, with a 48 inch arm span. Fits medium and large adult male sizes. Full battle ready, the best chain mail available, the best price on the net.


Overall Length: 32 Inches
Arm Span: 48 Inches
Arm Width: 11.25 Inches
Arm Length: 9.25 Inches
Body Width: 24.25 Inches
Construction: Mild Steel, Flat Ring Rivet
Chain Link Diameter: 9 mm


Mild Steel Construction

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