Foam Padded Three Sectional Staff Sansetsukon Black

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Our Martial Arts training three sectional staff is foam padded with a PVC core. Foam padding is safe to use for training and students. Each ball bearing linkage fitting is stainless steel with a stainless steel chain. The chain extends to about 8 inches long. When using a three sectional staff, it is important to keep the staff in motion, or spinning. Turning the body in different direction and foot patterns help improve the overall momentum of the three sectional staff. Thanks to the foam padding and inner PVC core on our Three Section Staff, you can safely practice and develop your style. Originally, the three sectional staff was used in warfare to reach around the shield of an enemy (among other things). It's success has developed into many martial arts forms. It can be used in short range, fast attacks with both hands, or long range attacks holding it with a single handed grip. The weaponized form of the three sectional staff is extremely versatile and is great for offense and defense. Because of its rarity, even highly trained persons lack a substantial defense against a three section staff.

Overall Length: 77.5 Inches
Handle: Foam Padded, PVC Core
Chain: Stainless Steel, 7.5 Inches
Color: Black


Foam padded Design
PVC Inner Core
Stainless Steel Linking Chain

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