Golden Fang II Damascus Steel Automatic OTF Knife

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This knife is dual action, meaning when you use the button located on the side of the handle to eject the blade from the front of the handle, and you’re ready to strike. Press the button back down and the blade effortlessly goes back into the handle. The blade is forged out of 1095/15N20 Damascus steel that has been folded over and over approximately 176-180 times to give it that beautiful and unique wave-like pattern. This steel has a Rockwell rating of 54-56. The blade is formed into a clip point style which offers a quicker "stabbing" advantage with less drag during insertion and faster withdrawal. The zinc alloy handle is covered in a matte black finish, and comes with gold toned screws to keep the handle together and a gold tone pocket clip. A glass breaker is located on the bottom of the handle in case of emergency. Also included is a black nylon sheath.

Overall Length: 6.88 inches
Blade Length: 2.88 inches
Handle Length: 4 inches


Out the Front
Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Layers: 176-180
HRC: 54-56
Steel: 1095/15N20
Clip Point Style
Wave Pattern
Handle Material: Zinc Alloy
Matte Black Finish
Glass Breaker

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