Hammerfist Self-Defense Aluminum Flat Black Kubaton

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Kubatons are ideal close-quarter self-defense weapons. Depending on the manner held, a Kubaton can be used to deliver hammerfist strikes, pressure point attacks, hardened fist punches, or metallic flailing attacks. Grooves add increased grip to make sure it does not slip out of your grasp. Whether you use it as a standard keyring or for personal protection, when clutched in your hand, you will walk a lot safer with our Kubaton at reach. Our premium black Kubaton will match any name brand Kubaton in the market as ours are above the market standards of construction with its well-built and compact made from unbreakable cast aluminum. The Kubaton offers an Aluminum light weight construction and an all flat black finish making it harder to for attackers to see in the night while the top features a keyring or lanyard hole. It comes equipped with a short black lanyard cord which helps to secure the Kubaton around your wrist. The top offers a flat surface making your thumb more comfortable while using and a pointed tip allowing the defender more point of pressure on the attacker when using. Owning this Kubaton can be a lifesaving self-defense weapon against attackers.

Overall Length: 5.5 Inches
Kubaton Material: Cast Aluminum, Flat Black Finish
Includes: Black Lanyard Cord, Round Grooves, Lanyard or Key Ring Hole


Cast Aluminum Construction
Black Lanyard Cord Attached
Round Gripping Grooves
Key Ring/Lanyard Hole

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