King Solomon Medieval Crusader Replica Longsword - Black

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With a mirror polished blade forged from 440 stainless steel and adorned with intricate laser etchings, this sword is well-representative of the famous biblical king of Israel renowned for his wisdom and who is a prominent figure in the three largest Abrahamic faiths-Judaism, Christianity and Islam. With an elaborate design draped in symbolism and constructed with appealing craftsmanship, the swords golden plated guard features kippah wearing Lions of Judah (representative of the Israelite tribe Solomon, his father David and Davids descendant Jesus of Nazareth all hailed from) on both ends of the quillons. The center of the crossguard features an inset with a Menorah on one side and an image of two figures carrying the sacred Arc of the Covenant into the great First Temple of Jerusalem built by Solomon on the reverse, both central images are positioned atop a Star of David. The handle is ringed with gold accents with a faux leather grip while the pommel has a large Star of David. The scabbards chafe and locket both showcase intricately etched designs, with the chafe displaying an ornate representation of the story of the Queen of Shebas visit with Solomon as an image of the queen herself is framed by her many gifts for the fabled king. Available in three different handle colors (Black, Blue and Red), each short sword also has an accompanying dagger. Perfect for display purposes, if you buy a sword, please make sure to buy the matching dagger to complete your set! The third (and last) king of the unified Kingdom of Israel whose glorious reign is widely regarded as the golden age of the state, Solomons wisdom and spirituality has been a guiding force for millennia. According to Jewish tradition, King Solomon personally authored three books of the Bible- the Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs- with all three being considered classic examples of Wisdom Literature (a genre of literature common in the Ancient Near East characterized by sayings of wisdom intended to insight and wisdom about nature and reality) whose life lessons and guiding examples have long been an inspiration to many. A central figure in the three primary Abrahamic faiths- Judaism, Christianity and Islam- the influence of Solomon to this day touches the lives of over 54% of the worlds population.

Overall Length: 29 Inches
Blade Length: 23 Inches
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Mirror polished finish
Blade Style: Dagger Point
Blade Thickness: 3.15 mm
Handle Length: 6 Inches
Handle Material: ABS Material with


King Solomon Details
440 Stainless Steel Blade
ABS Handle Material w/ Aluminum Gold Finish Rings
Free Leather Wrapped Wood Scabbard

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