Last Samurai Sword 1045 Carbon Steel Blade

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It was love at first sight as we pulled this handmade Musashi Last Samurai sword from its scabbard! The blade of the sword has been constructed by hand from Carbon Steel and the Tsuka has been extended for more power. This sword is perfect for beginning sword collectors who want a serious sword, or martial artists looking for a economic but sturdy sword. The sword is fully functional and full tang. The Katana includes a FREE Sword Bag and FREE SWORD STAND. Attributes of the Weapon Blade: The blade of the steel has been hand crafted of high carbon steel. The carbon has been hand hammered throughout the blade to give the blade a consistent hardness. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade to better balance the blade and give audible feedback when the sword is swung. An aesthetic Hamon runs the length of the blade ending at the blade's Kissake. The blade is full tang and comes sharpened. Saya:The Saya of the sword is constructed of wood with a black high gloss finish. A black cotton Sage-o has been tied around a bright copper Kurigata. The Koi-guchi has been made into a hardened ring around the Saya to safely secure the blade when sheathed. Tsuba: The Habaki is a solid one piece brass construction over a blackened steel alloy Seppa. The Tsuba is the classic spoke wheel design, constructed from blackened steel alloy. Tsuka:The Fuchi is blackened steel with waves in relief. Two pieces of wood cover the tang of the blade with a ray skin Same and cotton Ito. Menuki decorates each side of the handle, styled like dragons. Two Bamboo Mekugi secure the tang in the Tsuka. The Kashira is blackened steel.

Overall Length: 41 Inch
Blade Length: 28 Inch, 1045 High Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 10 3/4 Inch, Full Tang
Includes: Free Sword Bag


Last Samurai Replica
Japanese Inscription on the Blade
1045 High Carbon Steel Blade
Free Sword Bag

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