Medieval Renaissance Functional Hourglass Gauntlets Set

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When fighting was almost entirely hand-to-hand, the thorough protection of the hand was necessarily of paramount importance. Armor for the head and body was, after all, but a second line of defense against the attack which penetrated the guard of the weapon. Any damage to the hand which controlled all offensive movements, as well as all parries, would place a combatant at the mercy of his antagonist. But the armorer had not only to give his attention to the protective qualities of the covering which enclosed a part so vulnerable and so likely to receive a wound, he had also to consider how he should least interfere with the use of so complicated a piece of mechanism as the human hand. It was on account of these very important considerations that one finds the gauntlet always more complicated in the details of its construction than the rest of the protective outfit. Underneath the plate was worn a suede glove, to the fingers and thumb of which small overlapping scales were attached to complete the defense of the hand. Hourglass gauntlets are considered the zenith of medieval gauntlets. This museum replicated set of gauntlets offers our customers a 16 gauge combat grade thickness carbon steel construction with a flare back and a black suede glove interior. The suede glove helps to protect the hands in many ways and allows the sword wielder to have a solid and firm grip when fighting. Each finger piece has been riveted down and very flexible allowing each finger to fold freely. The suede glove is seamlessly stitched down to and attached to the 16 gauge steel gauntlet. An example of this type may be seen on the brass of Sir John de Saint Quintan in Brandesburton Church, Yorkshire, which may be dated at about 1397. The famous effigy of Edward, Prince of Wales, known as the Black Prince, in the cathedral church of Canterbury depicts this masterful warrior wearing this kind of hand defense.

Overall length: 10 inches
Fully Articulate
Material: 16 Gauge Combat Grade Thickness Steel
Inside Material: Suede
Includes: A Right and Left Side Gauntlet


16 Gauge Steel
Flexible Movement
Both Right & Left Side in Set

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