Merchant Vessel Antique Brass Anchor Lantern

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The use of an anchor light on a vessel is to show other ships that the vessel is at anchor. It is a white all round light, usually displayed at the top of the mast. They were widely used by old merchant vessels while lying at Anchor awaiting entry to Port. These lanterns were made burn oil or kerosene, to be lit, then hoisted to the top of the mast with one rope tied to the handle, and another rope at the bottom to keep it from swaying as the ship rolled with the sea. This lamp is made from brass with an antique finish to give the piece a look of age. The glass globe has a Fresnal design and is clear to give off a bright white light. This lantern features top and bottom handles for securing it in place. The top opens to take in and out the burn assembly. To lock the top an S hook is provided and attached with a small chain. The oil burning pot sits down right inside the globe and has an adjustable wick. An extra wicked is included with this lantern. The top of this lantern has decorative cutouts to let in oxygen and vent the lantern. Don’t just think this lantern can be used for nautical purposes. It would look great outside a cabin or a rustic decorative accent. Plus if the power goes out you are already prepared.

Overall Length: 13 Inches
Overall Width: 6.25 Inches
Material: Brass, Glass


2 Wicks
Fresnal Design
Upper and Lower Hanger
Antiqued Brass Finish

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