Pushing Tulips Damascus Four Finger Knuckle

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Damascus steel is the combination of layers and layers of 15N20 and 1095 high carbon during forging. This forging technique yields a metal that bears waves and spirals of light and dark grey. Due to the sheer number of layers involved and the lack of feasible control of the melted metal during forging, each piece of Damascus steel features a different pattern. No two look exactly alike which makes Damascus steel pieces highly sought after due to their uniqueness. Their strength is formidable as well; most of the time you will see Damascus steel in knives and swords however this durable steel has many other applications as well. Such as in the Pushing Tulips Damascus Four Finger Knuckle.

The Pushing Tulips Knuckle is a four-finger knuckle composed entirely of Damascus steel. The patterning of the steel gives the knuckle an ominous and entrancing look and due to the dark hues, it blends into the dark better than a shiny brass knuckle would. The metal coming off of the finger holes are flattened and the knuckle features a tulip shaped cutout in the center to reduce weight so anyone can use these knuckles comfortably. The base of the knuckle is flat so it can be more firmly held in the palm. The finger holes are a full inch in diameter so please measure your fingers before purchase. The knuckle itself is 4.5 inches in length so it can very easily be stored in pockets, bags, purses, etc. The Pushing Tulips Damascus Knuckle is a gorgeous piece to display in your home or office and its strength is formidable enough for it to be a useful self-defense tool as well.


Overall Length: 4.5 Inches
Overall Width: 2.5 Inches
Thickness: 0.5 Inch
Hole Size: 1 Inch
Weight: 195 g/ 0.4 lbs.


Construction: Damascus Steel

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