Retribution of Zorro Sword Frog Set

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Zorro, whose name in Spanish means “fox,” was likely based on Mexican folktales of a noble bandit who fought on behalf of the peasantry and indigenous peoples. Zorro’s true identity is Don Diego Vega, a young nobleman who lived in Los Angeles, California, during the early 19th century when the area was still under Spanish rule. Don Diego became the swordsman Zorro in order to defend the people of Los Angeles from political oppression. Zorro famously uses the letter Z as his “mark,” using his sword to carve it into the clothes or sometimes the bodies of his adversaries in three swift strokes. This rapier here is constructed of polyurethane foam with a 10mm inner core for durability. Hand painted with impeccable detailing simulating a real sword. Included is a frog for transporting your blade. This frog is constructed entirely out of polyurethane with steel studs. Two adjustable belt loops allows you to adjust the height that you would like the frog to hang at. Defeating your foes is almost right at your fingertips.

Overall length: 42 Inches
Blade Length: 34 Inches
Material: Polyurethane Foam
Inner Core: 10mm
Handle Length: 8 Inches
Guard Length: 6.50 Inches
Guard Width: 3.50 Inches
Frog Overall Length: 8 Inches
Frog Overa


Hand Painted
Polyurethane with Steel Studs, Nylon Straps
Two Adjustable Straps and Adjustable Belt

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