Sir Lancelot Round Table Dagger

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The Sir Lancelot Dagger has a Stainless Steel blade, very large at the base, suddenly narrowing toward the point with a fuller on each side. The intricately detailed hilt is plated with copper coloring, providing the antiqued finish of a traditional historic dagger. The guard features the Holy Grail shielded between beautiful Celtic knot work. A heraldic lion crests the antiqued pommel and joins the black hand grip in a traditional, almost seamless fashion. More About Sir Lancelot and his Sword: Knighted by King Arthur, Sir Lancelot became one of the most legendary figures of the "Round Table". Queen Guinevere was his lady when he swore his vows as a knight. Lancelot continued his knight adventures conquering the castle of the "Pitiful Guard" and he disclosed his origins as "Lancelot du Lac", son of the brave and generous king "Ban Benoic", who had fought loyally at the side of king Arthur and had lost his kingdom, sending his son Lancelot in the company of the "Lady of the lake", to be knighted at the court of king Arthur.His love affair with queen Guinevere led him to fight against all the knights of the Round Table who wanted to save their lord's honor. After defeating one by one, Lancelot admitted his disloyalty to the king, going to a monastery to do penance and pay for his misdeed. Before he died, the Lady of the lake came to help him and they both disappeared forever in the lake, thus honoring his name, "Lancelot du Lac".

Overall Length: 12 Inches
Blade Length: 8 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade: Double Edge, Mid Ridge, Factory Sharp
Handle Length: 3.75
Resin Handle & Sheath, Aluminum Fittings


Stainless Steel Material
Resin Handle
ABS Material Sheath
Aluminum Fittings
Elegant Design

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