Medieval Renaissance S Guard Spanish Rapier Sword

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Based on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Spanish ancestry, our Carbon Steel Rapier is an excellent rendition of the timely originals. The blades are constructed of forged high-carbon steel and are equipped with leather scabbards. A full ridge line runs down the middle of this sword blade. The steel guard has a beautiful design with S-curved quillons to protect the hand and for wrapping the fingers around to increase ones grip strength. Each part of the guard is hand forged and smelt welded together for absolute perfection. The handle is leather wrapped over wood and has been wrapped with brass wire. The pommel is a round knob design, mirror polish. This Rapier sword features high quality black leather finished stitched onto the wood and cap with polished steel fittings. The Rapier is a thrusting weapon. While it can be used in minor cutting action, it excels at forward range stabs. The length of the blade is designed for this specific purpose, while the guard is produced to improve defense. Use this rapier along with a fencing dagger to block, parry, and strike with the full art of fencing. Note Sword Frog and Belt item Numbers IN6508 and IN6406 our not Included

Overall Length: 48.75 Inches
Blade Length: 38 Inches
Blade Material: Spring Carbon Steel
Guard Width: 10.75 Inches
Guard Material: Steel, Smelted Weld, Chrome Plated
Handle: Wood, Leather Wrapped, Copper Wire Wound


Spring Carbon Steel Blade
Wood Constructed Handle w/ Leather Wrap
Steel/Chrome Plated Guard
Wood Scabbard w/ Leather Wrap
Brass Fittings

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