American Special Ops Military Team Bayonet Knife

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When being deployed you need a reliable piece of equipment that does its job without getting in the way. An elite soldiers gear has to be useful and barely noticeable and this blade does the trick. .This knife is packed with cool special ops gear. Featuring a 440 stainless steel Black Oxide finish, the blade on this massive bayonet knife sports a special cutout to fit to the wire cutter apparatus on the sheath. The tanto survival knife blade also sports a saw-back with an extremely sharpened edge. The black thermoplastic composite handle features a well-built construction which locks into standard bayonet lugs which the guard slides over your barrel. It also has clearance for common size flash suppressors. It includes a thermoplastic heavy duty sheath built to last with nylon pouch for a shot gun magazine, built-in sharpening stone, wire cutter and an adjustable quick release military holster. You can also strap this blade to your calf. It’s a rugged and dependable performer for U.S. Servicemen around the world.

Overall Length: 12.75 Inches
Blade Length: 7.75 Inches
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 5.86 mm
Blade Features: Wire Cutter Hole, Saw-Back Spine, Extremely Sharpened Blade
Handle Length: 5 Inches


440 Stainless Steel Blade
Black Oxide Finish
Thermoplastic Handle
Free Thermoplastic Sheath
Nylon Straps
Wire Cutter Apparatus
Calf Strap
Sharpening Stone

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