Battle Ready Armor Vambraces 18G Steel Pair

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Pair of carbon steel Vambraces! Ready yourself for battle using authentic 18 gauge steel battle armor. Vambraces protect the arms from taking damage. Reinforced folds on the edges increase the rigidity of the steel armor. Layers of 18 gauge steel are riveted together to overlap all points of deflection. This armor covers the forearms and elbows. The exterior is oiled to preserve the condition of steel. Real carbon steel does, in fact, require oil on the surface. The interior of the armor is painted lacquer black. Genuine 3mm thick cow hide leather links the flexible joints along with steel rivets. The cow hide straps are fully adjustable. Use the pre-configured adjustment holes, or you can punch your own adjustment in for absolute perfection. During the middle ages men wore this exact type of armor in battle. Mostly in Europe, armor emphasized survivability. Some men even wore steel armor on a daily basis to build up strength and get used to the weight burden. This battle armor reflects it's predecessor, and yes, it is real.

Overall Length: 10.34 Inches
Width: 5.25 Inches
Steel Gauge: 18G
Sections: Four, Overlapping
Riveting: Carbon Steel
Joints: Single Joint, Genuine Leather Cow Hide
Fitment: Adult Sizes, Fully Adjustable
Includes: Pai


Battle Ready
18 Gauge Steel
4 Overlapping Rivets
Genuine Cowhide Leather Joints
Fits most Adult Sizes

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