Medieval vs Modern Archery

Archery & Crossbows Medieval Times

Crossbow is one of the most popular practice both in ancient and recent times. That is the reason, it still booms today. In the medieval period, archery was considered as an important learning skill primarily for hunting and military purposes. Prior to the invention of firearms, it was a popular way of hunting animals. Though civilization in the modern era has significantly changed the purposes of the crossbow. Today, it is considered more as sports or leisure activity carried out by enthusiasts.

The bow and arrow date back to B.C.E is among the oldest projectile weapons. It has been around at all times particularly for hunting. The use of the bow in warfare such as English longbow, also known as Welsh longbow, has been at its peak in the middle ages. It was first used in 633 AD when Welsh longbow shot an arrow to kill Edwin. Edwin was the prince of Northumberland. These weapons were introduced in the military to gain a competitive advantage, particularly in long-range combats. They were easier to handle and with a little training, they were a huge threat to enemies.

Medieval Era

In the Medieval era, archery was a simple practice using a bow and arrow without considering any sports rule as in modern crossbow. It was primarily used for survival and therefore a number of people were highly skilled in archery. Though it was a huge benefit particularly in long-range battles, it was always hard to defend and kill enemies through archery during close-range battles. Initially, in the medieval era, the concept of archery was introduced to people so they can hunt for food and defend themselves from enemies or possible threat around. Soon they found it as a deadly battle weapon and consequently upgraded it to make it a key player in battles.

With the passage of time leading to the modern era, the purpose of crossbow specifically for hunting and wars is entirely changed. Today living as modern and civilized people, the original purpose of archery is left far away in the history. Still, crossbows are being accepted and carried out in a number of new ways.

Modern Era

Today, the use of bows and arrows are commonly observed during hunting games, carrying out sports activities and serving as a thrilling practice for recreational purposes. These bows have an added mechanical advantage as using cables and cams, they are capable of leaving some weight which helps to draw the arrow easily and accurately. This technical advantage also helps in throwing an arrow faster in comparison to the traditional bow of ancient times. Whereas in medieval archery, energy is directly stored in the longbows to cast the arrow which was somewhat harder to pull.

Regardless of all technological advancements, the basics of the bow and arrow are not changed in thousands of these years. Draw, aim, and shoot is something which is still followed today. It’s challenging to hunt with a bow instead of using a rifle. But millions of people all around the world are still doing this in any way. Whether for winning a sports competition or for their fondness towards hunting. If you are one of them, you can find a number of both medieval and modern hunting gear on

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