Caribbean Panga Full Tang Machete 21.5 inch

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The Panga Machete design popular in Africa and the Caribbean. Deep belly provides weight for chopping and curvature for slicing. The upturned point can concentrate force on a small area for piercing. Some of the other names given to this style of machete are burriquito, cutlass machete, daga, liniero, puerto rican, rozador, swamp master, viking. Our Panga Full Tang English Style Machete works perfect for slicing and chopping moderately thick woody vegetation. You can also use this machete for outdoor survival, camping or hunting needs. The Caribbean style machete offers a carbon steel blade which is harder than stainless steel and retains the sharpness much longer than any other type of steel. Ours Panga is factory sharp so you can sharpen this Machete to your likeness. It features a full tang construction with two piece of wood riveted together through the tang of the handle. The blade also sports three groove lines helping to give an audible feedback when using this machete. A clear coat protection is visible on this blade to help the blade not to be rusted. We recommend you also keep it oiled after every use. These high quality inexpensive machetes are sold and come equipped with a durable green rice sack sheath with a belt loop ring.

Overall Length: 24 inch
Blade Length: 18 inch
Blade: Carbon Steel, Upturned Point
Thickness: 2.00 mm
Handle Length: 6 inch
Handle: Full Tang, Wooden Slabs with Rivets


Carbon Steel Blade
Full tang
Wooden Slabbed Handle w/ Rivets

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