Descendant of the Gods Damascus Steel Functional Bearded Outdoor Axe

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This Damascus steel bearded axe takes traditional design to a whole new level. The head is forged from a blend of 1095/15N20 steels to create the impressive rippling effect you see here. Damascus is sought after not only for its beauty, but also because it is more durable that most steels and tends to maintain a keen edge longer. Historically, the bearded design of an axe was used to hook an enemy’s shield, bringing it down and exposing the opponent to a finishing blow. It also provides a wider cutting edge. The back of the axe head is flattened to serve as a hammer tool. A pure brass mosaic pin placed in the center of the eye creates a sturdier hold as well as a unique touch. The smooth contoured sheesham handle has been sealed to protect against the elements. A lanyard hole is provided at the bottom of the handle to attach rope or cord. A hand tooled pure leather sheath is included and features three snap closures as well as a belt loop for easy secure carry.

*Please note that due to the sheath being constructed from new leather, additional stretching may be required for a perfect fit.


Overall Length: 16.5 inches
Overall Width: 5.25 inches
Blade Length: 4.25 inches
Thickness (Eye): 29.8 mm
Thickness (Edge): 1.8 mm
Handle Length: 14.5 inches
Handle Thickness:23.75 mm


Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Steel: 1095/15N20
Layers: 350-358
HRC: 58-60
Pure Brass Mosaic Inlay
Handle Material: Sheesham Heartwood
Hand Tooled 100% Genuine Leather Sheath Included

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