Double Headed Berserker Madness War Axe

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Berserkers were so badass they were outlawed. Yes, outlawed. Can you believe that? They fought with such ferocity that they would scare the hell out of their opponents before the battle even started. With a crazed look in their eye they would fight with scant amount of clothing on or none at all. Howling and screaming like animals while donning their pelts. It was as if madness descended upon them. This axe encompasses that madness with the knot of chaos etched on the handle. What a beaut! The handle is smooth to the touch and hand carved from sheesham wood with a rich warm stain. It is exquisitely wrapped in leather at the bottom to cushion the handle with a crisscross pattern at the top for an added look of authenticity. THE BLADE! OH MAN, the blade is truly a work of art. It is constructed from forged carbon steel with a weathered and dated finish. It comes sharp and battle ready. Enjoy cutting of the limbs and heads of your enemies. The only thing left to do is embrace the Rage.

Overall Length: 28.82 Inches
Head Length: 10.13 Inches
Bit Length: 6.13 Inches
Head Material: Forged Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Sheesham Wood


Battle Ready
Leather Wrap
Burnt Etched Knot of Chaos Design
Viking Approved

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