Drinking Horn With Vegvisir Desgin

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Carry on valiantly through any vigorous weather when you tote this unique hand-carved drinking horn. Vegvisir is an Icelandic symbol meaning “That Which Shows the Way”. It is found in the 19th-century Huld Manuscript, and it proclaims that if this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way through storms or bad weather, even if the path is unknown. The symbol that is carved onto the front of the horn resembles a compass, surrounded by a circle and a dot pattern. There is a criss-cross pattern etched around the rim of the horn. The horn is 100% natural, and is hand-polished inside and out to give a nice shiny look and smooth finish. The size is approx. 13-15in., but the sizes and colors of the horn vary because no 2 naturally occurring horns in the wild are the same. *Please wash with a gentle detergent and polish with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. And from time to time you will want to use beeswax to coat the inside to keep from cracking and the inside drying out. Please remember this is a natural item and each piece is unique.

Approx. 13-15 inches. Sizes vary because the horn is 100% natural material. Weight:
10-15 oz.
Will Hold Approx. 7-11 oz.


Symbol of Vegvisir carved onto the front
Beautiful criss-cross pattern carved around the rim
Polished for a shiny, smooth finish

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