Edward Blackbeard Teach Caribbean Wooden Cutlass with Frog Combo

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A combination for the masses that love wearing black. We all know the infamous pirate of the high seas, Edward Teach or as you may know him…..Blackbeard. In the Golden Age of Piracy he was the most ruthless and feared Pirate in the Caribbean. To add to his fearsome image, did you know that he put lit fuses into his hair and beard, which gave off smoke and made him look like a demon in battle? There is no Pirate in history complete without his trusty sword. In order to play the role of a Pirate as ruthless as Blackbeard you will need a sword as dark as the man’s very soul. The Edward "Blackbeard" Teach Caribbean Wooden Cutlass is constructed of steamed beech wood and given a black finish. The hilt has a traditional cutlass shape with guard. This piece is great for plays or just playing with the little Pirate in your life. Instead of leaning the wooden cutlass against the wall or laying it down you can carry it everywhere with this FREE mini size Katana Nylon Carrying Case. This short case is made very durable from a tough nylon construction with a hard inner lining which helps the sword stay in place. Stitched onto the nylon case is a cross chest strap which goes onto your back. Either you hold it on your shoulder or strap it across onto your back. This Nylon Mini Size Sword Carrying Case can hold a regular size Japanese Katana sword, wooden bokkens, Shinai bamboo swords, and foam and cosplay swords. You can never go wrong with this carrying case for the price you pay.

Overall Length: 29.50 Inches
Handle Length: 6.25 Inches
Guard Width: 5.50 Inches
Blade Length: 23.25 Inches
Material: Steamed Beech Wood with Black Finish


Steamed Beech Wood Construction

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