Handmade Searfarer Churchwarden Wooden Smoking Pipe

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Sailors were the first to get into tobacco smoking since they were often the first people to come into contact with American Indians. They were, in a way, on the cutting edge of cultural interactions. So, since they came into contact with it first, they engaged in smoking it first. Also, they engaged in personal commerce with it by buying small amounts of it in the New World and selling it back in Europe for a profit. With such a long precedence of smoking (going back to the 16th century), it's no wonder a captain would be associated with smoking a pipe. Today, you can see paintings and figurines associated with sailors having a pipe in their mouth. This pipe is handmade with an extra-long stem. Pipes in this style are called Churchwarden pipes. The smoke must travel this great distance, and so it has more time and surface area in which to cool, resulting in what many consider to be a more pleasurable smoke. The bowl has a flat bottom for setting your pipe down. It is made from sheesham and stained this beautiful brown so you can see the grain in the wood. A brass screen has been provided. This pipe is functional and will give you a delightful smoke whether you are on the high seas or in your living room.

Overall Length: 8.82 Inches
Overall Width: 1.25 Inch
Bowl Diameter: 13.64 mm
Material: Sheesham


Finish: Mahogany Stain
Includes: Brass Screen

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