Bishops Officer Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe

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A churchwarden pipe is a tobacco pipe with a long stem. The history of the pipe style is traced to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century. Churchwarden pipes were reputedly named after churchwardens or night watchmen of churches in the time that churches never locked their doors. These "churchwardens" could not be expected to go all night without a smoke, so they had pipes that were made with exceptionally long stems so the smoke and the pipe wouldn't be in their line of sight as they kept watch. Churchwardens experienced a surge in popularity after the release of Lord of the Rings film trilogy in 2001, since many of the characters smoke churchwardens. Churchwarden pipes generally produce a cooler smoke due to the distance smoke must travel from the bowl to the mouthpiece. They have the added benefit of keeping the user's face further away from the heat and smoke produced by combustion in the bowl. This beautiful pipe is custom made from sheesham wood with a beautiful stain finish. It is all handmade from tip to end. The unique design is pleasing to the eye and just looks fun. Included is a brass screen.

Overall Length: 15 Inches
Overall Width: 1.75 Inch
Bowl Diameter: 13.40 mm
Dimensions of Bowl: 2.38 x 1.75 Inches
Material: Sheesham


Finish: Wood Stain
Includes: Brass Screen

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