Hawk High Velocity Slingshot & 100 Piece Steel Ammo Combo

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Shooting at a distance of 100 yards, this ergonomic design slingshot is made with a complete steel framing. This sling shot features a molded handle grip topped with durable surgical latex power bands. It folds easily to fit into your pocket. If offers a folding wrist lock for more support which helps with steady aim for more accuracy. Its made for ages 14 and up. This Slingshot comes complete with 8 starter steel marbles. Prolong the life of your slingshot with the specially selected steel ammunition. Not too small, and not too large, this ammunition is designed to provide a good balance. Ammunition which is larger is unwieldy and can be unsafe, while ammunition smaller can tear up sling bands. This 5/16 inch ammo is perfect for your wrist-braced slingshot. Unlike cheaper Grade ammunition which often has flat spots, this premium ammo is perfectly round for better accuracy.

Overall Length: 6.25
Framing: Steel
Sling: Surgical Latex Rubber
Includes: 8 Steel Marbles

Steel Ball Specs
Material: Solid Steel
Size: 5/16 Inch or 7.93mm
Count: 100 Pieces


Sling shot distance exceeds 100 yards
For ages 14 and up
Ergonomic molded handle grip
Complete all steel frames
Folds up easily to fit in your pocket
Folding wrist lock for more support, steady aim for more accuracy

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