Japanese Nodachi Carbon Steel Giant 78 Inch Full Tang Sword

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Allow yourself to be amazed by the size of this GIANT 78 Great Long sword. The nodachi sword or no-dachi features a traditional braided cotton wrap handle with a blackened cast metal tsuba and pommel. The non-sharp carbon steel blade is mounted with a traditional copper habaki. The scabbard on this nodachi sword is handmade from wood, which is painted in flat black finish. This amazing sword is crafted of carbon steel, in order to replicate as closely as possible the composition of the blade. The nodachi measures an extraordinary 6 feet 7 inches overall with a full tang blade that measures 57" long which continues an extra 21 into the handle. The diameter of the steel tsuba is 3.25 inch. A double bamboo pegged and brass minuke is visible on this magnificent sword. The cotton braided handle and matching black finish scabbard, with a black bull horn bow finish the sweeping look of this absolutely superb sword!

Overall length: 78 Inches
Blade Length: 57 Inches
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Scabbard Material: Wooden, Black Finish
Handle Length: 21 Inches
Handle Wrap: Traditional Braided Cotton Wrap, Imitation Ray Skin


Carbon Steel Blade
Cotton Wrapped Handle
Full tang
Cast Metal Guard
Cast Metal Pommel

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