Medieval 18g Steel Avenger Pauldrons Set

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This Steel Avenger Pauldrons set is an impressive combination of stylized shoulder combined with the neck armor and harness necessary to wear the pauldrons. All pieces of pauldron are crafted from 18 gauge steel and feature an attractive shiny metal finish. The pauldrons feature an impressive and outstanding avenger style that uses one large, elegantly shaped shoulder plate to protect most of the shoulder, as well as four smaller lames that extend down to protect the arm. An additional plate extends at the top of the pauldron to add additional protection, while also providing a harness to secure the pauldron to the gorget. The pauldrons feature a genuine real leather strap and buckle that secures around the bicep, as well as a buckle at the top that connects them to the gorget. Please note that this set comes well-oiled to help prevent item from rusting. Product does not include items IN9259 and IN9105, additional items are shown only for display purposes and to show compatible pieces.

Overall Length: 16 inches
Width: 12 inches
Material: 18 gauge Steel
Strap Material: Genuine Real Leather
Includes: 2 Pauldron (Right and Left)


18 Gauge Steel Construction
Genuine Leather Straps

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