Medieval Knight Great Bascinet

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One of the two most characteristic pieces of head protection during the 14th and early 15th century along with the infantry kettle hat, the bascinet was a fully visored helmet that provided more mobility and freedom of movement than the earlier Great Helm while not giving anything away in terms of protection. Hand-forged from high quality 18 gauge low carbon mild steel, this beautiful re-creation consists of a single rounded skull plate riveted to front and rear gorget plates to cover the neck area, each rivet is made from genuine brass polished to a mirror finish. The visor pivots off of removable pin hinges on both sides and features 28 breathing holes for ventilation along with wide eye slits to ensure high visibility by the wearer. A decorative cross plate adorns the face of the helmet. The skull piece features a rear conical design that was very useful for deflecting sword blows as well as arrows. A fully adjustable interior lining is made from high quality 100 percent genuine leather and ensures that the helmet has a comfortable fit.

Approximate Weight: 7 Lbs
Height: 11.5 Inches
Width: 8 Inches
Diameter: 10 Inches
Forehead Circumference: 26.77 Inches (68 cms)


18 Gauge Steel
28 Breathing Holes
Genuine Leather Linings
One Size Fits Most

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