Rampant Lion Practice Training Medieval Longsword FREE Sheath Combo

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This exclusive deal is only offered to our customers while supplies last. Don't miss out on the deal of the season. During the Middle Ages knowing your way around a sword was a necessity but that is not the case anymore. I am happy to announce that the hobby of medieval sword fighting has caught on like wild fire often referred to as Western Martial Arts. People even train and participate in tournaments such as the Society for Creative Anachronism Tournament. But to train you must have the proper equipment. When training using a wooden sword is a popular choice but even more recently other materials such as durable foam has become just as popular. The Training Medieval Rampant Lion Practice Longsword is balance and constructed of a strong polyurethane sword with a 10 mm inner core making it flexible yet durable. Why only display your sword at home to collect dust on display when you can carry it wherever you want with this full size Katana Nylon Carrying Case. This bag is made very durable from a tough nylon construction with a hard inner lining which helps the sword stay in place with its scabbard. Stitched onto the nylon case are two separate adjustable should strap which goes onto your back. Either you hold it on your shoulder or strap it onto your back. This Nylon Full Size Sword Carrying Case can hold a regular size Japanese Katana sword, wooden bokkens, Shinai bamboo swords, foam, and cosplay swords. You can never go wrong with this carrying case for the price you pay. Now be able to learn new techniques and engaged in mock combat without having the dangers of getting hurt or hurting someone else.

Overall Length: 42 Inches
Foam Blade Length: 33 Inches
Blade Width: 2 Inches
Foam Handle Length: 9 Inches
Guard Width: 7 Inches
Material: Highly Density Polyurethane Foam
Inner Core: 10mm


Adjustable Nylon Sheath

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